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Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTV Review

The UN60F7000 is a soon to be released 3D LED from the Samsung F7000 series, which offers premium features to the discerning HDTV enthusiast. Samsung has specially designed the F7000 series to compete with the most stylish and attractive looking LEDs in the world and no doubt the full metal finish and aluminum body with just 0.6mm thin bezel makes it attractive enough to turn heads.

The UN60F7000 has a 60-inch 3D flat panel display with precision black technology allowing viewers to customize the black level. It has Samsung’s own A15 multi core chip with a refresh rate of 200 Hz and around 800 CMR, giving it the ultimate hardware setup in today’s HDTV market. It offers high-speed video up-scaling and 2D to 3D formation in no time and offers 1080p full resolution display without compromising on quality.

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Samsung provides its viewers the flexibility to connect with online video libraries and other high definition content through DLNA connectivity. Users can not only access all multimedia content over the web but can also update their apps to the latest versions using the Smart Evolution Kit by Samsung (a revolutionary step towards smart TV upgrades for 2013).

How Much?

The average price for the Samsung UN60F7000 HDTV has not yet been released.

Who Would Buy This Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTV?

The UN60F7000 is a 60-inch 3D LED TV, making it best suited for sizable family rooms and lounges. The black precision technology makes it possible to adjust contrast ratio according to room lighting, which is a major consideration, making it a great choice for large families and people who like to view their photos, videos, games and other multimedia content on a high definition screen.

Things we like about the Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTV

The UN60F7000 is perhaps the most stylish LED-LCD we have ever seen, with less than a 1 cm bezel and full metal-aluminum body. It can display HD content and can up convert regular media and do 3D conversion. It has the most advanced features and modern apps currently offered by Samsung with the option to upgrade your platform with all major updates through online access.

Things we did not like about the Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTV

The UN60F7000 lacks some high-end features such as a built-in camera, gesture control as well as voice recognition services.


Samsung has not yet released UN60F7000 model in the market, however this product will likely come with a standard limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Is The Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTV Worth The Money?

The Samsung UN60F7000 is no doubt a premium product that offers a strong hardware platform with some of the most attractive designs of  modern HDTVs. It has Samsung’s own Smart TV software, which provides you with fluid navigation, personal recommendations and DLNA connectivity as well as access to online  multimedia content.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTV?

The UN60F7000 will be available in most major retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as online consumer electronics stores such as Amazon and New Egg.

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The Samsung UN60F7000 has received a warm welcome as a premium mid-range series and it offers all of the modern facilities of a high end 3D TV while making increased access to a wide range of multimedia content available at consumers’ fingertips.