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Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV

The UN55F8000 is part of a new series being rolled out by Samsung, offering buyers a more complete multimedia experience. At 55 inches, this sizable model has top of the line hardware, including a quad core 1.35 GHz processor and a 240hz refresh rate. The model features 1080p resolution, which is fast becoming the standard in today’s HDTV market.

Samsung’s new model features an extremely clear-coated screen, which makes for a more vivid viewing experience with colors that really pop out and an increased perception of depth. The quality of 3D viewing is excellent and Samsung has upgraded the comfort of its 3D glasses, making them much lighter.

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Samsung has also made significant improvements with its voice recognition technology, as the TV’s software can now respond to conversational English, and is no longer limited to having viewers say specific commands in order for this to work.

There is also a wide array of new apps available through Samsung, including a cutting edge fitness app as well as MTV Music Meter, which keeps a running list of the most trending musicians and bands on the internet. All you have to do is click on a trending band and their music video will start to play instantly. Samsung is really taking steps to add apps and software that make this more of a multimedia center as opposed to just an HDTV. There are already thousands of apps in the Samsung App Store and it is more than likely Samsung will continue to add new apps leading up to the public release of this model.

How Much?

The average price for the Samsung UN46F8000 55-Inch around $3,000.

Who Would Buy This Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV?

Samsung is marketing this new series as the future of Smart TV’s and is going out of their way to make this a family friendly unit. There is no question that anyone looking for a new state of the art 3D HDTV with enhanced multimedia access, from movies, photos, streaming video, apps and games will find everything they need here. This model is perfect for families and individuals looking to upgrade to a new HDTV that provides a complete user experience.

Things we like about the Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV

 Something that we really liked about this new model was the introduction of Smart Evolution technology. While most software in recent Smart TV’s will become obsolete with the release of a new model, Samsung has equipped their F8000 series with this evolving technology that can automatically upload the newest software features directly to your TV, so you’ll never fall behind.

We also liked the way Samsung created for a smooth and seamless integration with mobile devices and tablets. This allows users to stream media from their phones or tablets directly to their TV. The Family Story software by Samsung allows family members to stream photos and videos from their Samsung devices so that way the can send and leave messages to each other through the TV.

Things we did not like about the Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV

Something that we did not particularly like about this model was the 3D glasses. While viewing for the most part was great, there would occasionally be a flickering on the side of the viewing field if light were to penetrate the room at a certain angle. This is something that Samsung will hopefully get fixed as soon as possible.


The Samsung UN55F8000 comes with a limited one-year manufacturer warrantee and a 30-day money back guarantee (don’t forget to add a 15% restocking fee).

Is The Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV Worth The Money?

In short, yes. This model offers everything any 3D HDTV or Smart TV user will ever need at this point in time. The UN55F8000 is simply on the cutting edge of Smart TV technology with a whole assortment of new user-friendly software that is specific to Samsung. This provides buyers with tremendous value and also makes this model easily worth the money.

 Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV?

The UN55F8000 will be available at most retail stores including Best Buy, Target and Walmart, to name a few. Amazon and other major online electronics retailers will also likely carry the unit.

 More Customer Reviews For The Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTV

This model is receiving a lot of positive feedback even though it has yet to be released to the public. So far testers are reporting that the viewing experience is second to none. The color and contrast ratios are supposedly better than any TV currently on the market and this unit is being seen as the ultimate media center, with all of the applications and software that come built-in with this HDTV.