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Samsung DV457 Electric Dryer Review

The Samsung DV457 electric dryer is got the 2013 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award. They award it to this great dryer. It is the good news. It is also the big news for them. The dryers always need about the same amount of energy. They consume the similar energy to run the device.

The fact is there are no label of Energy Star and no label of Energy Guide for those. They do not have any labels.

What are the Benefits?

The Samsung DV457 electric dryer is the first product of the award. This award gives it for the first time. The Emerging Technology Award is improved to change it. They make a development for the changing. It comes to bear the fruit. The dryer commits to use the 36 percent less energy than the conventional model. It claims to use the more efficient energy.

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We have to be happy in the part to the software and also the hardware enhancement. These are the good enhancements. It develops on the efficiency of the standard moisture sensor. There is an improvement in the standard efficiency. The recent DV457 has the model code that ends in AA. This code is for the current dryer. It also includes the version in the Rating. The new model with the high efficiency is ending with the A1 code. This is the code for the new dryer.

 How Much?

We can get the round laundry launches of the WF547 dryer for $1500. The price for this is more expensive than the others. The other dryers, such as the 5 cubic foot that has the capacity high efficiency of top loader, the WA50F, the matching dryer, the DV50F, have the price for those are $1,100. These dryers can be got with the cheaper price.

DV457 General Information

The Samsung DV457 Electric Dryer is the great product from the wonderful brand, the Samsung Electronics America. This is a big brand that has a lot of products for the daily needs. It is very familiar and famous to the innovation. It is not a new or a little brand. It gives the unique approach to the launch of the 2013 line.

There are many unique and good products for us in the line of this year. It holds the big coming of the pop up showroom and also the dubbed Samsung House. This is a great opening for the new products it brings. It is held in the nice New York City neighborhood of SoHo. We all know that it is a trendy city from all around the world. It opens to the public now.

This weekend is the exact time for us to see it. The place of home environment gives the fully operational kitchen and also the laundry room. There will be the wonderful features they give. These are intended to show off the latest cooking and latest cleaning wares of the Samsung. It appears for the real world. It has the high flying setting. The consumer reports stop by for the sneak peek.

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