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Canon PowerShot G16 Camera Review

Canon is going to release its newest product. That is Canon PowerShot G16. This newest DSLR from canon will be released on October 2013. The Canon G16 has been considered as the natural back up camera for DSLR user, for people who familiar with canon brand must have considered about it.

The exterior of canon PowerShot G16 is design wise, it has a little few accent, with more subtle curve and harder edge over the deck, over all the design is similar with the previous one. Canon G16 still use front control dial, which fits with shooting in manual or auto mode.

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The canon G16 is built in Wi-Fi, wireless, so it is going to be easy to upload video to Facebook, twitter, Instagram, path, or YouTube, or share the picture via email, share to the tablets or smartphone, print wirelessly, and send to PC. It will make everything easy. Canon also claim that the performance is 50% improved.

Canon PowerShot G16 enhance the light performance, it is capable of shooting up to ISO 1280. This new DSLR also create two new creative modes. Background defocus shoots two photos. The second one is star mode. This is the best automatic setting for capturing night time skies; it can also record star trial. The other canon invention including: multishot HDR without tripod, three night scene mode, star nightscape, star trail, and star time lapse movie

How Much?

The average list price of the Canon PowerShot G16 is approximately $550 dollars and some larger retailers are offering this for a discounted price at $499.

Who Would Buy This?

This Canon PowerShot is good choice for DSLR user, since Canon bring new experiment on this newest product.

Things We Like about Canon PowerShot G16

Canon is offering some new feature on its newest product. One of the features which is quite interesting is that Canon PowerShot G16 is built in Wi-Fi. It is impressing; therefore we can connect to internet by this device. After capturing picture by this G16 we can upload the picture to the social media directly.

Things We Didn’t Like about Canon PowerShot G16

The Wi-Fi built in feature that provided by Canon PowerShot G16 is such as something interesting. But it is quite disappointing that there is no improvement on well-over-a-year-old G1 X, which has an arguably good sensor but a terribly slow lens. But now, on Canon G16 there is no improvement about the lens. The G16 does offer faster continuous shooting than the G15, and now for a usably long burst.


Canon PowerShot G16 comes with a limited one year warranty.

Is Canon PowerShot G16 worth the Money?

The price is worth to be paid to get this PowerShot G16.

Where can I Buy Canon PowerShot G16

Canon PowerShot G16 is available at all major retailers like Best Buy and Target.

More Customer Reviews for Canon PowerShot G16

Customer was enthusiastic about the new series of Canon PowerShot. But they still hope that Canon keep improving on producing their new product.

Source: canon.com

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